Monday, April 24, 2017

New Google algorithm destroys search rankings for old media sites

Uh oh, here comes Google’s Fred…

Has Google’s “Fred” update killed your search engine rankings? Bring them back from the dead with our best practices for ads and links!

This Google update was designed to favor websites that put a positive user experience over getting favorable search results, and among the hardest hit are sites that Google deems as too ad-heavy and/or that offer low value content. The drop in traffic directed to such sites, which includes many affiliate marketing websites, has been reported to be anywhere from 50% to 90%.

The bad news is that this algorithm shift not only affected sites that prioritize SEO over user experience, but also quality sites that offer an excellent user experience, yet may have some structural and content-related pitfalls.

The good news is that there are several steps you can take to improve the quality of your site, recover your webpage rankings, and safeguard it from any future updates to Google’s algorithm.

eBay’s head of SEO contributed to an in-depth blog post that provides an analysis on the update, and what you can do to stay relevant.

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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

CNN continues to censor best-selling author from its network

CNN, the most anti-Trump network on television, is censoring the #1 bestseller of the Trump presidency.

CNN apparently so fears author David Horowitz and his new book “Big Agenda: President Trump’s Plan to Save America” — they have told his publisher they will “never” have him on!

That’s shocking because Horowitz is a celebrated author and thinker — and his “Big Agenda” book has been sitting at the top of the New York Times bestseller list for over 9 weeks!

It’s also #1 on Amazon, and everyone in Washington and around the country is talking about “Big Agenda”!

Obviously, what America thinks doesn’t matter to CNN — because it’s radioactive for liberals — with CNN joining a list of other left-leaning networks like CBS, NBC and ABC that have put Horowitz on “the list” of banned conservative books and authors.

Remember the days when the liberals decried conservatives for supposedly creating such lists — they even called it McCarthyism!

Now, when the liberals do it to one of the most important books of the Trump presidency, and to an author close to the president and his top aides — he is censored.

This prompts the question: Why do CNN and the big media fear David Horowitz and “Big Agenda”?

Here’s the one really big reason: “Big Agenda” is the first book to expose the media for operating as a political force, an adjunct of the Democratic Party, to stop President Trump.

In “Big Agenda” Horowitz names names and reveals their plot to destroy Trump.

Horowitz also was the first to share Trump’s “secret plan” to take back America and drain the swamp in Washington during his first 100 days.

In fact, Horowitz has detailed 21 major moves President Trump was going to take — and already 11 have come true!

Now, in “Big Agenda,” Horowitz says the White House will reveal a major offensive against the liberal establishment right after the first 100 days — which he calls “Phase Two.”

The Trump plan has 3 major phases, Horowitz says.

You might be shocked about Phase Two. It includes a major war Trump will actually begin, one that will decimate a certain group and demonstrate America’s resolve like no other.

You really need to get “Big Agenda” today!

“Big Agenda” has been hailed by leading conservatives, including Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, Lou Dobbs, Mike Reagan, and others.

They say it’s the only book exposing the media and offering Trump’s real agenda with a plan for you to help our president!

Make sure you get your copy today!

Get “Big Agenda”

Horowitz says several major “big shoes” will soon be dropped by Trump that will send shockwaves through the establishment. It’s all in the book!

“No president since FDR and his famed ‘100 Days’ has the chance Donald Trump has,” Horowitz argues.

But he writes that the GOP and Trump must recognize that they are not just fighting policy ideas, but an ideology — a progressive one with a radical agenda to stop Trump in an effort to reduce America’s power and greatness.

Horowitz warns that former President Obama has created nothing less than a “government in exile” to thwart, obstruct and even destroy President Trump and his agenda! Horowitz was the first to warn about this!

Now even President Trump agrees with David Horowitz — Obama won’t go away!

That’s why we must do everything we can to help our president!

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USS Carl Vinson Aircraft Carrier Spotted Near Indonesia, Not North Korea

The USS Carl Vinson aircraft carrier is still several thousand miles south of North Korea despite reports last week that claimed it was heading to the volatile region.

Stars and Stripes reported Monday that the Carl Vinson strike group was actually making its way toward Australia last week for a planned port visit.

The Navy posted photos online showing the ships sailing near Indonesia over the weekend, which put the flotilla roughly 3,500 miles away from North Korea.

Several news reports last week claimed the Carl Vinson and several ships that accompany it were steaming toward the Sea of Japan to keep a close eye on North Korea. The White House even said that was the case.

After the Navy’s image of the ships spread across the internet, the narrative changed.

The New York Times reported Tuesday that the Department of Defense got its timeline wrong and announced the Vinson’s deployment to the Korean peninsula too early. It’s not clear why that was not corrected, although military officials don’t make a habit out of giving away the position of its ships across the world.

According to Stars & Stripes, the U.S. Pacific Fleet said in a statement the visit to Australia was scrapped.

“The Carl Vinson Strike Group cancelled a previously planned port visit to Australia and is continuing on track for all assigned missions in the Western Pacific,” the statement reads.

Source: newsmax – USS Carl Vinson Aircraft Carrier Spotted Near Indonesia, Not North Korea

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'Shattered' Author: Ill-Tempered Hillary Unwilling to Go Out, Persuade Voters

Hillary Clinton annoyed many Democrats when she turned her campaign to the left and was unable to persuade voters to elect her president, Jonathan Allen, co-author of “Shattered: Inside Hillary Clinton’s Doomed Campaign,” told Newsmax TV on Tuesday.

“Her campaign’s approach was to turn out the base as much as possible, and they spent a lot of time trying to churn people out and not so much time on persuasion,” Allen, head of content at the political news website SideWire, told host Bill Tucker on Tuesday’s “America Talks Live.”

“As part of that, she moved to the left . . . [and] there were a lot of people in the Democratic Party that weren’t pleased with her. By moving to the left, she placated some of them but obviously not all of them.

“Not enough Democrats showed up for her in the right places to win the election. . . . Sources in the book talk about her inability to go out, and unwillingness to go out and try to persuade people.”

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Allen, whose book is co-written by The Hill’s Amie Parnes and published by Crown, said successful candidates must be able to bridge the divides within their party.

“The left, the center, the right, within their own party, and then attract some other people, so she wasn’t able to do that,” he told Tucker.

“Mostly there was an inability to turn out the hard left that was angry at her . . . and I think she wasn’t able to bring in a lot of those white working-class Democrats who she didn’t really have a message for.”

And why was not she able to convey that message, something her husband, two-term president Bill Clinton was an expert at?

“That’s one of the great inexplicable questions in this campaign,” Allen said. “I mean it was evident to her campaign team that she was having trouble. . . . Our sources told us about a couple situations where she seemed to lose her temper.

“There’s one good story in the book about after her losing the Michigan primary, she kind of turned on one of her top aides. He was criticizing her debate performance, her debate prep performance.

“She was doing her preparatory work on the debate, and he would cut her off and say, that’s not very good, and finally she got tired of it and said, ‘why don’t you try it,’ and she turned around and made him play her, and she kept cutting him off, and telling him he wasn’t doing a very good job.”

Allen added: “The infighting is definitely there, the way that she dealt with her staff, she and her husband reamed them out for not being able to figure out how to get past the email issue . . . and start talking about her economic message . . .

“Clearly what she needed to do was apologize and start that contrition thing with the American public. She just wouldn’t do it.”

Allen said when election results showed she would lose to Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, her aides tried to convince her to give an impassioned concession speech in which she would promote Democratic values.

He said they wanted her to stand up “for people that she thought would be treated poorly under a Trump administration.”

“And she says, ‘You know what guys, that’s somebody else’s job now; that’s not my job. I lost, that was my last race.'”

Source: newsmax – ‘Shattered’ Author: Ill-Tempered Hillary Unwilling to Go Out, Persuade Voters

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Attack Near Egypt's St Catherine's Monastery Kills One, Injures Four

An attack on security forces near Egypt’s St Catherine’s Monastery in south Sinai has killed at least one person and injured four, state television said on Tuesday.

Security sources said it was carried out by gunmen on a police checkpoint several hundred metres from the church entrance. No group claimed responsibility.

The attack comes just over a week after two bombings on Egyptian churches during Palm Sunday services, claimed by Islamic State, killed 45 people. Pope Francis is to visit Egypt at the end of April.

St Catherine’s is one of the oldest Christian monasteries in the world and a UNESCO world heritage site. Attacks are common in northern Sinai, where an insurgency by Islamist militants has raged for years, but rare in south Sinai.

“That monastery and church are from the 6th century. It’s one of the oldest continuing monasteries, has one of the oldest libraries with priceless manuscripts, and is hugely symbolic,” said Johnnie Moore, evangelical author of “Defying ISIS: Preserving Christianity in the Place of Its Birth and in Your Own Backyard.” “It’s impossible to overestimate the significance of this act of terror. Had they succeeded, it would have been discussed in the next 5,000 years of church history.

“The terrorists in Egypt at going after the most significant places. They previously went after the Coptic pope’s complex, and the Catholic pope is visiting next week.”

Source: newsmax – Attack Near Egypt’s St Catherine’s Monastery Kills One, Injures Four

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Larry Kudlow: Americans Need Trump's Review of Foreign Workers

Larry Kudlow, the former economics adviser to President Ronald Reagan, said President Donald Trump is “on the right track” with an executive order to review how foreign workers are permitted to reside temporarily in the U.S.

The president on Tuesday ordered the review of the H-1B visa system, which critics say gets abused when companies to replace U.S. workers with lower-paid foreigners. Trump is targeting information-technology outsourcing companies that use the visas to hire low-paid, less-skilled workers.

“The question is: Are the Silicon Valley firms playing by the rules, or they are trying to undercut the specialized, American techie work force?” Kudlow said on cable channel CNBC. If there are abuses, then the system should be changed, Kudlow said.

Trump pledged during his campaign to use presidential authority to urge companies to “Buy American” products and “Hire American” workers. Kudlow was an economics adviser to the Trump campaign who helped to make tax cuts a central campaign promise.

Employers submitted 199,000 applications for the 85,000 H-1B visas available in the 2018 lottery, according to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. The number of applications fell from 236,000 last year.

Trump’s order asks agencies for ideas on how to get visas in the hands of the most skilled and highly paid applicants. The administration would like to get rid of the lottery system, an unnamed official told the Bloomberg newswire.

Kudlow repeated his call for tax cuts as being the most important catalyst for faster economic growth.

Last week, Kudlow urged impatience investors to give Trump more time to fully enact his strategies to reform healthcare, spark economic growth and redesign the tax system.

After all, Trump has been in office a relatively short time and has inherited a mountain of problems from the past two decades.

“He’s trying to fix a lot of problems that have gone unfixed in the last 20 years,” Kudlow explained to CNBC.

“He still wants tax reform and healthcare reform. Those are big issues for him.” the Newsmax Finance Insider said. “He’s been in 80 days, give him a chance,” said Kudlow, who advised the Trump campaign on economic issues.

Kudlow is the author of “JFK and the Reagan Revolution: A Secret History of American Prosperity,” written with Brian Domitrovic and published by Portfolio.

Source: newsmax – Larry Kudlow: Americans Need Trump’s Review of Foreign Workers

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Rep. Royce: 'Turkey's Creeping Authoritarianism Continues'

Rep. Ed Royce, R-Calif., denounced a referendum in Turkey that expanded President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s powers over the legislature and judiciary, The Hill reported.

“Turkey’s creeping authoritarianism continues,” Royce, the House Foreign Affairs Committee Chair, said in a statement Tuesday. “All who value democracy, pluralism and Turkey’s key role in the region should be concerned about the elimination of important checks and balances in the Turkish system.”

He added, “I am especially troubled by initial reports of irregularities and an ‘unlevel playing field’ from independent election observers, and I will review the full body of facts when they are released in the days ahead.”

Hours before, President Donald Trump called Erdogan to personally congratulate him.

Voting irregularities were reported during the referendum, which gives Erdogan the power to appoint ministers and top judges and call elections whenever he likes. It also transfers power to the president by taking away the position of prime minister. Erdogan on Sunday called the passage of the referendum a “historic decision.”

Source: newsmax – Rep. Royce: ‘Turkey’s Creeping Authoritarianism Continues’

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