Tuesday, May 15, 2018

It’s spring cleaning time for Blogger

To make room for some exciting updates coming soon to Blogger, we’re simplifying the platform to enhance the blogging experience for all of our users.

Changes to existing features in Blogger (rolling out over the next few months):

  • Google+ Integrations: Throughout the next few months, Blogger will transform Google+ widget integrations into HTML widgets to give you more flexibility in how you share and see your followers.
  • OpenID: Blogger previously allowed users to comment on blogs using an existing third party OpenID identity provider and has also acted as an OpenID identity provider when interacting with other systems on the internet. Due to the low usage of this feature, Blogger will no longer support OpenID as a provider or for making comments, and all comments that previously used OpenID will be anonymized. New comments can be posted either from a Google account or labeled as “Anonymous” on blogs that allow it.
  • Improved Localization and Blogspot ccTLDS: Your location determines your country services. Historically, these services have been labeled and accessed via country code top level domain names (ccTLD), such as blogspot.com.au for Australia. We’re updating the way we label country services on Blogger - now the choice of country service will no longer be indicated by domain. Instead, blogspot.com will serve you the country service that corresponds to your location, and all existing blogspot ccTLD domains will redirect to blogspot.com. This will help simplify URLs for international audiences.

Along with the above updates, the following features will soon be retired from Blogger (over the next few months) due to low usage and to allow the Blogger team to focus on developing new features:

  • Third Party Gadgets: You will still be able to add custom HTML or Javascript via the “HTML/Javascript” gadget.
  • Next Blog: This is the feature that allows you to visit another blog similar to the current one. Blog owners can still use the Blog List widget to share their favorite blogs directly!
  • Polls Widget: Current Polls results will still be available in Google Takeout (more details below) until later in 2018.
  • Textcube: http://bit.ly/2Iitw2Z will be decommissioned. Existing Blogspot blogs imported from TextCube will continue to serve on their blogspot.com address, while files originally hosted in Textcube will be available via Google Takeout (more details below).

Aside from the above changes, we’re excited to highlight some new features we’ve been working on.

New features you may have noticed recently:

  • HTTPS for Custom Domains: Internet security is very important to Blogger. Custom domains now support encrypted connections with HTTPS, making sure connections maintain integrity and the contents are confidential. For more information on HTTPS, check out the Blogger Help Center article here.
  • Multilogin: Multiple accounts? No problem! Multilogin allows you to switch between your different Google accounts without signing out. For more information on multilogin, check out the Blogger Help Center article here.
  • Spanner: We’ve been doing some serious tinkering under the hood of Blogger! We finished a multiple-year migration of all blogs to Spanner, a new storage system. For more information on Spanner, check out the Google Cloud Spanner site here.

New features coming soon (over the next few months):

  • Video Management: With our new management interface, you can easily download and remove videos you’ve uploaded.
  • Google Takeout: Your blog - your data. With our upcoming updates to this tool, you’ll be able to access more information when you download your data from Google Takeout.

We know change isn’t always easy, but we thank you for your patience as we continue our commitment to helping you publish your passions into 2018 and beyond.

Stay tuned,
Kelly on behalf of your Blogger team

from Official Blogger Blog http://bit.ly/2wIAp8h

Friday, May 4, 2018

Instructing Daughter on Use of CZ Scorpion 9mm Carbine Rifle

I’ve owned this rifle for nearly 4 years now. I have learned to wield it very effectively. In the above video my daughter is listening to me give her instruction on how to use the rifle at the local shooting range.The weapon is very useful in my opinion because of several options it offers. Low caliber, low recoil, and portability are some of my favorites.

There are other configurations for the CZ Scorpion that can be ordered in a variety of lengths and even colors.

Available in two variants, the Scorpion Carbine is a whole new animal. Building on the lauded submachinegun platform that first hit the US civilian market in pistol form in 2015, the Carbine has a 16.2″ barrel fitted with either a compensating muzzle brake or a faux suppressor built specifically for CZ-USA by SilencerCo.

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Monday, April 23, 2018

Boycott of DTube Continues For Some On the STEEMIT Blockchain

Brandonfrye is a Steemit Ambassador and continues to use the platform of STEEMIT. Below are his own words when it comes to the use of DTube for sharing video content on the STEEMIT blockchain.

You’ve probably made it to this post because you asked my why I use YouTube to host my videos for Steemit. In fact, that’s exactly why I made this video because I know it’s inevitable that I’ll get the question. So in today’s video (which is freely hosted by YouTube) I will explain why I’ve decided to boycott Dtube until some changes have been made.

FYI – If you’re watching this on YouTube then you’ll likely have NO idea what I’m talking about lol. So please read this article to learn more:

Two Changes I Would Like to See Happen:

1. Dtube drop it’s fee from 25% to 15% by using other methods to raise funds. I’ve left a couple of suggestions in the video above but there are numerous ideas to crowdfund your project… especially her on Steemit. Simply posting a weekly @dtube stats report would draw many upvotes from the Dtube community. You could also have a monthly expense report that lists where all of the reward funds are going. I’m sure we would all be happy to see the expenditures and would gladly upvote the report.

2. Add some notice or TOS to your platform (or even on the about.d.tube page) so that users of Dtube are aware that you’re taking a portion of their rewards to fund the platform. Transparency goes a long way.. probably even more here on a blockchain. Users should not find out 3 months down the road from some blog article here on Steemit.

you can become a part of the STEEMIT platform by signing up at this link: https://steemit.com/@tonygreene113/feed

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Monday, April 9, 2018

What Makes London A Great Place – DTube Perspective

My conclusion about what makes so special this city. After 4 years living, feeling and growing in London !!

See you on the next VIDEO and….PURA VIDA.



Supporting Blockchain revolution with determination.
But without take myself too seriously!

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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Creeping Sharia: Rising moslem Enclaves in America Are Growing


Before you get your SJW panties in a bunch read from the below story I found at the Creeping Sharia site here on WordPress. It’s an astounding categorical expose of what can be found pertaining to the islamification of a variety of the American countryside.

moslem enclaves are becoming a large part of America

Anyone who lives near or has frequented the area over the last ten years will have noticed the change. via Haandi, Curry Hill Restaurant, Is Popular Among Cabbies – NYTimes.com.

LATE at night, there are intervals when Urdu is the only language spoken in Haandi, a fanatically adored restaurant that may be the most popular after-hours spot in the area known as Curry Hill. It is as integral to some taxi drivers’ routines as the gas needed to refuel their cars.

Stacks of free newspapers like New York Awam and The Pakistan Post sit inside the entrance, on Lexington Avenue near 28th Street. Only chai, not coffee, is served. By day, business bustles with students and office workers. At night, Pakistani and Indian cabdrivers meet to change shifts with partners, one having dinner, the other breakfast. Others stop to wash in the restrooms before prayers, and sometimes, when the restaurant is not busy, they kneel to pray on the lower level.

The white walls have little decoration. The food counter, however, is a sea of spice and color: lamb shanks emerging from oily red lagoons, rich green saag, yellow biriyani, freshly buttered naan; hard-to-find dishes like paya — cow foot soup — lack any description on the wall menu.

Haandi’s two owners, Shabbir Sial and Artaza Ali, are childhood friends from Nizamabad, a small town in Pakistan. They started cooking in Curry Hill in the 1990s and returned to found Haandi in 2001; a devoted clientele of cabdrivers followed them there.

Two regulars, Tariq Mahmood and Shafqat Bhatti, had just capped the workday with a feast. Their taxis were parked outside. They nursed their bellies and spooned sugar into their chai.

“This is my brother,” Mr. Mahmood said, pointing to Mr. Bhatti. “Actually, he is my cousin, but we say ‘brother.’ It is our culture.”

And when “brothers” and “sisters” marry in most cultures it’s called incest, and it has serious health affects.

“The only culture here is money,” he joked, speaking of America.

As Joe Pesci said in Goodfellas, “Funny how?” It’s hard for Muslims to know about American culture when they hold Islamic conferences on all major U.S. holidays and choose to establish enclaves. Stop by Mahmood’s and make a few jokes about Pakistani and Islamic culture. See if you get any laughs. Then ask Mahmood why he came to America.

It was the second visit of his shift for Mr. Mahmood. He eats at Haandi almost every day, as Mr. Bhatti does; it has been a practice for years. “Ninety percent of cabdrivers are Pakistani,” he said. “The quality is best here. ”

An older man with a rich silver beard, who wore a traditional shalwar kameez, walked in. “Salaam aleikum,” he said to the server.

“There!” Mr. Mahmood said of the Muslim greeting. “You see? This is customary.”

Mr. Bhatti smiled and agreed: “This is customary.”

Mr. Khan, a cabbie from Lahore, Pakistan, has frequented Haandi for eight years, he said, and was a regular of the restaurants in Curry Hill, in Rose Hill, long before that.

“This was a dangerous area 30 years ago,” he recalled. “You didn’t want to come here. But it was one of the few places to eat Indian in the city. Cabdrivers even came then.”

The newcomer finished his food and left without thanking his benefactor. Mr. Khan paid no attention.

Also part of the culture apparently, as opposed to the culture of only money.

Just before the restaurant closed at 4 a.m., Mr. Khan prepared to head out into the predawn cold. “I come not just to eat,” he said, “but to pray, to use the bathroom. It’s my place.”

Find more at Creeping Sharia

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Sunday, February 25, 2018

Potential School Shooter That You Didn’t Hear Anything About Is Sickening

A student with a shotgun made a terrorist threat against East High School on social media, according to Rochester police.

Abigail Hernandez, 21, is charged with making a terroristic threat, a felony. She is currently in the Buffalo Federal Detention Center in Batavia because she is an undocumented immigrant, Rochester Deputy Mayor Cedric Alexander said.

DACA dreamer abigail hernandez
Abigail Hernandez
Police said, “The initial threat came from an anonymous Facebook account, which our investigators had to track down and determine the author of the Facebook account.” Hernandez allegedly made the threat at 5:08 p.m. Feb. 15, stating, “I’m coming tomorrow morning and I’m going to shoot all of ya bitches.”

The alleged threat was posted to the East High Facebook page. It has since been taken down.

East High School.
Jamie Germano/@jgermano1/Staff Photographer
Hernandez was arrested at home at 8:15 p.m. Feb. 20 after she made a “credible threat” against the school, Alexander said. Police recovered a shotgun in her home. “The threat referenced a shooting and sympathy with the school shooting in Parkland, Florida,” Alexander said.

Hernandez is a student in the Rochester City School District, but she is not a student at East. Authorities declined to say where she is enrolled. Rochester Police Deputy Chief La’Ron Singletary said he was unsure why Hernandez allegedly threatened East High. He said a City School District member alerted police to the threat.

Hernandez was arraigned in Rochester City Court and bail was set at $15,000. Through an automated system called eJusticeNY, ICE determined Hernandez was an undocumented immigrant, Alexander said. Hernandez had “status under the DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) program,” he added.

According to its website, “eJusticeNY is a browser-based application designed to give users from qualified agencies a single point of access to computerized information within and beyond New York state.”

Singletary didn’t reveal where Hernandez is from or how long she has been in the United States.

Hernandez was transferred to federal custody. Federal authorities have taken over the case, police said.

The Rochester arrest is emblematic of a recent rise of threats on social media to schools across the country.

A Pennsylvania school district has closed schools for a third consecutive day as police continue to investigate threats made against students and staff.

The Central York School District canceled classes Friday following a series of threats on social media. Harrisburg schools and the Dauphin County Technical School also canceled classes on Friday due to similar threats circulating on social media.

Authorities have not provided specifics about the threats in each district, citing the ongoing investigations. Other schools in Pennsylvania have also received various threats via social media but have remained open.

The threats come in the wake of Valentine’s Day shooting at a Florida high school that killed 17 people.

In a letter to parents, East High School Superintendent Shaun Nelms wrote, “Sadly, in wake of the recent Parkland, Florida tragedy, schools across the country have been grappling with social media threats intended to instill fear and anxiety.”

He continued, “We remain very grateful to the Rochester Police Department for their partnership and for keeping us well informed throughout the entire process. Their presence on campus last week and their guidance on how to best keep staff and students safe during this efficient, successful police investigation, reiterates their ongoing support.”

Additional resources were directed toward the school during the investigation, Singletary said. He said precautions were in place. “We’re always evaluating any type of safety situation in regards to the schools,” he said. “We’re always in constant contact with the schools.”

Alexander applauded the quick and decisive actions of the Rochester Police Department. He said the community, police department, and school district worked collaboratively here. Alexander said, “I just want to reiterate if you see something, say something, so we in law enforcement can act. That is exactly what occurred here in this incident.”


H/T: Democrat and Chronicle

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