Tuesday, May 23, 2017

The Daily Beast Compares Japan PM Abe to Hitler

A new report compares Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s administration to that of Nazi Germany’s dating back to World War II.

The Daily Beast outlines its case by listing several reasons that it believes draw comparisons between Abe and Adolf Hitler. Among those are:

Abe will replace Japan’s Democratic Constitution instituted after the war with one that takes pages from Nazi Germany’s.

Abe’s party will pass a surveillance bill this week that the Daily Beast says could punish people for speaking out against the government. A similar policy was in place from 1925-1945 during Japan’s imperial days.

Abe has brought what the Daily Beast reports were racists into his administration.

Abe’s Cabinet ministers support bringing the “Imperial Rescript on Education” back to classrooms across the country, which was used as a reason to deploy kamikaze pilots during World War II.

“The administration has demonstrated repeatedly its inclination to be more like the Nazis, at least in certain respects,” The Daily Beast’s Jake Adelstein and Mari Yamamoto wrote. “In fact, sometimes the party manifesto seems like one big throwback to those imperialist days when the superior Yamato race, descendants of the gods, ruled over Asia and used lesser Asian men for slave labor, and the women for pleasuring the soldiers.”

Japan’s new Constitution would, in part, grant the federal government the power to institute a state of emergency. That, the Beast reports, would allow Abe’s administration to circumvent certain laws and avoid having to receive Parliament approval to take certain actions.

Critics of the aforementioned surveillance bill claim it will give Japan’s government too much power.

“Abe and the [ruling Liberal Democratic Party] want to dramatically change the balance between protecting individual rights and police powers,” said Lawrence Repeta, an expert on Japan’s legal system.

Reuters contributed to this report.

Source: newsmax – The Daily Beast Compares Japan PM Abe to Hitler

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