Saturday, March 4, 2017

Bill Paxton Succumbs to Complications During Heart Surgery



Bill Paxton loved being an actor Bill Paxton lost the fight of his life during the past month. He was always the guy in the area that looked and acted like the bully. However, many of Bill Paxton’s roles that he played over the years were very varying and humble. I initially remember him as the bully brother in the his cult move, Weird Science of the mid-80’s. In that move he is transformed into something that his personality portrayed in the film. It was classic Bill Paxton.

There are hundreds of other films that Mr. Bill Paxton will be remembered for. There was recently a touching tribute given to him from one of his latest starring roles in the television show Training Day. I’m sure his experience will be missed on the set of that particular new show. Have a peak below at some of the Bill Paxton content I was able to find in the Google-verse.


Hollywood Mourns Bill Paxton by tvguide

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