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Every Combat Fighting Course Isn’t The Same – SEALFIT Gives You More

During my time in the Army. All 8 years of the time I spent in old BDU’s was an adventure when time for the combat fighting course time came around.. Of course, my adventures during the last four years were spent primarily out of BDU’s (Battle Dress Uniform) and in civilian clothes. Being attached to a special missions unit like SOCEUR was definitely like nothing else in the Army. When you are primarily assigned to a joint operations unit, the training can become very ingenious. Cost is usually of the least of the unit’s concern.

Our hand to hand training was taught by a NAVY SEAL in the J2 section. He was a boyish face man with the hulking physique of what could be easily deemed a football tight end in today’s sports. I can recall watching this guy swim like the proverbial seal. And of course he drank many of us under the table during trips down rang in Stuttgart. He was a very cool friend and when it came down to missions and training , nothing else consumed him more.

I opened up a current email authored by Mark Devine. a NAVY SEAL officer, who runs the SEALFit training. Have a look see at the enclosed email and please respond via the comments section if you have any questions regarding getting setup with the SEALFit program in your area.

BUDs combat fighting course going into the sea

I told you how much of what I’ve incorporated into your SEALFIT training goes back to my BUD/S days…

Specifically, to a program that was part of the Combat Fighting Course. One of the key elements you learn is that your fitness level often has little to do with your ability to successfully handle violence.

Tim showed me story after story of even world-class martial artists severely beaten or even killed when going against simple street thugs.

One I remember was a skilled and highly successful combat sports competitor jumped by two men with knives in a Vegas parking lot where Tim lives.

After a classic takedown and knockout of one guy, this competitor had a textbook arm bar on the second…

…When the guy suddenly taps out. And just as he trained the combat sports competitor let go… only to be stabbed multiple times. He survived but lives with lifelong issues from his wounds.

“But, no one in their right mind would choose to let go of the arm with the knife!”

And you’re correct – no one would willingly choose that action if the choice were presented to them any other time.

The thing about training – you ingrain your choices ahead of time, patterning yourself for the way you want to behave in future situations.

The problem is that few of us understand just how bad actual violence really is. And unless you take your brain (and your training) into this admittedly horrid world of criminal violence BEFORE it happens for real.

You’ll likely end up as the competitor above – in a place where even your elite level of fitness can’t save you.

It’s a bad time for on-the-job training.

What Tim is offering you today – for free – takes your brain into this world and back out again, without the consequences the fighter above lives with.

There’s no question. it’s highly disturbing and beyond ugly.

A place no one likes, including me.

But it’s nothing compared to the alternative.

If for no other reason than to make sure YOUR brain understands what it likely doesn’t today don’t miss this opportunity to get Tim’s free material now.

And if not for you, for others that may depend on you.



After reading all of the above would you still attempt to take the SEALfit training regimen called the Combat Fighting Course? Let me know in the comments section below.

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