Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Larry Kudlow: Americans Need Trump's Review of Foreign Workers

Larry Kudlow, the former economics adviser to President Ronald Reagan, said President Donald Trump is “on the right track” with an executive order to review how foreign workers are permitted to reside temporarily in the U.S.

The president on Tuesday ordered the review of the H-1B visa system, which critics say gets abused when companies to replace U.S. workers with lower-paid foreigners. Trump is targeting information-technology outsourcing companies that use the visas to hire low-paid, less-skilled workers.

“The question is: Are the Silicon Valley firms playing by the rules, or they are trying to undercut the specialized, American techie work force?” Kudlow said on cable channel CNBC. If there are abuses, then the system should be changed, Kudlow said.

Trump pledged during his campaign to use presidential authority to urge companies to “Buy American” products and “Hire American” workers. Kudlow was an economics adviser to the Trump campaign who helped to make tax cuts a central campaign promise.

Employers submitted 199,000 applications for the 85,000 H-1B visas available in the 2018 lottery, according to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. The number of applications fell from 236,000 last year.

Trump’s order asks agencies for ideas on how to get visas in the hands of the most skilled and highly paid applicants. The administration would like to get rid of the lottery system, an unnamed official told the Bloomberg newswire.

Kudlow repeated his call for tax cuts as being the most important catalyst for faster economic growth.

Last week, Kudlow urged impatience investors to give Trump more time to fully enact his strategies to reform healthcare, spark economic growth and redesign the tax system.

After all, Trump has been in office a relatively short time and has inherited a mountain of problems from the past two decades.

“He’s trying to fix a lot of problems that have gone unfixed in the last 20 years,” Kudlow explained to CNBC.

“He still wants tax reform and healthcare reform. Those are big issues for him.” the Newsmax Finance Insider said. “He’s been in 80 days, give him a chance,” said Kudlow, who advised the Trump campaign on economic issues.

Kudlow is the author of “JFK and the Reagan Revolution: A Secret History of American Prosperity,” written with Brian Domitrovic and published by Portfolio.

Source: newsmax – Larry Kudlow: Americans Need Trump’s Review of Foreign Workers

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