Sunday, August 21, 2016

Drug Test Results for FSU Killer Who Ate Victim’s Face Have Police Stumped

Monday, 19-year-old Florida State University student Austin Harrouff brutally murdered a married couple in their garage.

As Independent Journal Review previously reported, when the police arrived at the scene, Harrouff was found biting the male victim’s face “and removing pieces of it with his teeth.”

It allegedly took multiple officers, a police dog, and a taser to subdue the teen.

So far, officials haven’t figured out a motive for the attack, but new evidence has come to light that makes the situation even more bizarre.

Martin County Sheriff William Snyder told CBS12:

“When we got him to the hospital, Austin said to deputies, ‘Test me, you won’t find any drugs.’”

The initial belief was that Harrouff was on some kind of drug—most likely flakka—that may have led to a psychotic break. Initial testing, however, has come back negative for cocaine, methamphetomines, marijuana, and other common drugs.

His blood has been sent to FBI headquarters for further tests, which will determine if the teen was on flakka or bath salts.

The Daily Mail spoke with an acquaintance of Harrouff’s from FSU, who claims steroids are to blame:

“I don’t think it was flakka or any sort of hallucinogen…I just think that this kid had a steroids dependency and had a bad, bad roid rage that night…I can anonymously attest that this guy had gotten bigger and bigger at alarming rates throughout our first year of college.”

However, several days before the incident, Harrouff uploaded two videos to his YouTube channel in which he talks about not using steroids:

“I don’t feel like it’d be beneficial for me to do steroids. It just wouldn’t because it damages my health, I feel like I have to depend on it every day. That’s a life not worth living for me.”

In a subsequent video, he says:

“I know what’s right for me. I don’t need drugs. I know that they can change me. But the thing is that’s not being healthy, you know? Being healthy is what’s natural, you know? What comes natural to you. You think steroids are natural? Who knows, you know? Who knows?

You think steroids would be beneficial? Who knows? But for me…steroids really aren’t for me. I used to think that I needed steroids to be a bodybuilder, to be this thing, to be this symbol, to be this lie…”

In addition to the possibility of drug use, Harrouff seems to have demonstrated mental instability, allegedly telling his mother that he “had superpowers,” and that he was “here to protect people,” reports The Chicago Tribune.

He also shows peculiar behavior in some of his YouTube videos, speaking strangely, and shifting moods rapidly.

Moreover, CBS12 reports that a neighbor claims Harrouff shot and killed a bird in the neighbor’s yard two weeks prior to the murders. He referred to the teen’s behavior as “odd.”

The investigation is ongoing.

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