Wednesday, August 3, 2016

The Reason Millennials Are Not Having Sex Is Pretty Darn Depressing

Millennials, people typically between 18 and 34, are having less sex than the two previous generations in America, and it’s not for reasons that you might expect, or hope.

The Washington Post recently published an article that explores this notable gap between the generations and digging into the reasons why they aren’t having as much sex.

It turns out, millennials aren’t waiting for that “special someone,” and most of them aren’t practicing abstinence for religious reasons either.

A 26-year-old financial analyst in Chicago named Sam Wei told WaPo that she hasn’t had sex in 18 months:

“To me, there’s more intimacy with having someone there next to you that you can rely on without having to have sex. I don’t want to do anything that would harm the relationship and be something that we can’t come back from.”

“Intellectual conversation is more stimulating and more pleasurable than having sex sometimes. . . . I’m just kind of more of a rational person. I like to make sure it makes sense before I dive into it.”

The “me” generation has often been described as self-centered, narcissistic, and sometimes wasteful by not only other generations, but also themselves — according to a Pew Research poll.

And this seems supported by other testimonies gathered by WaPo. Another woman, 19-year-old Alexandra Wolff, has been too busy to even think about going out and having sex:

“It’s not like I’m saving myself for anything; it’s more like I’ve been busy.”

An 18-year-old man named Noah Patterson would rather do things he enjoys than go on dates and try to woo women:

“For an average date, you’re going to spend at least two hours, and in that two hours I won’t be doing something I enjoy.”

“I’d rather be watching YouTube videos and making money.”

new report shows that 15% percent of 20- 24-year-olds have not had sex since turning 18. This is a 6% increase from the early 1990s.

Another study last year that millennials are more accepting of casual sex, but they reported fewer sexual partners than any generation since the Baby Boomers.

They average eight partners, as opposed to the Baby Boomers’ 11 and Gen X’s 10.

Norman Spack, associate clinical professor of pediatrics at Harvard Medical School, blames technology:

“The nature of communication now is anti-sexual. People are not spending enough time alone just together. There’s another gorilla in the room: It’s whatever is turned on electronically.”

Comments online seem to agree with the WaPo’s angle:

It appears that millennials are just too distracted, stressed, or busy to dedicate the time it takes to develop a sexual relationship with another human being… and that is a little depressing.

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