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4 States Will Make or Break Donald Trump’s Attempt to ‘Make America Great Again’

There are less than 100 days left until the presidential election, and if Donald Trump wants to win the election, he’s going to need to win some key swing states.

And while Trump’s campaign is far from traditional, he’s going to have to do it with limited resources.

Hillary Clinton’s campaign currently has more than double the cash of Donald Trump’s. The Democrat candidate currently holds $44 million cash-on-hand, while Trump retains $20 million.

Since both candidates have nabbed their respective nominations, Trump’s cash-on-hand has seen a significant increase. A bare bones operation paired with increased fundraising efforts have yielded them millions. Two months ago, the Trump campaign had $1.29 million.

Despite the increase in funding and boost in the polls following the Republican National Convention…

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Image Credit: Real Clear Politics

…polling averages over the past six months suggest that Trump continues to remain vulnerable to defeat.

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Image Credit: Real Clear Politics

The New York Times reports that, for Trump, fundraising has increased and polling numbers have narrowed significantly. That doesn’t mean he can lose focus on snagging the “trifecta” of important states this coming November: Florida, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.

Here’s where the Trump campaign plans to focus:


The Sunshine State will be a main focus for the Trump campaign. During the GOP primary, Trump snagged all of Florida’s delegates, beating out native son Marco Rubio.

Clinton supporter and Virginia Governor, Terry McCauliffe (D), told the New York Times that if Clinton can prevail in Virginia, she may just need one additional swing state to win. McCauliffe suggested that Florida would be the easiest path to the presidency.

As of June 30th, 4.4 million Republicans and 4.6 million Democrats had been registered to vote in Florida. At the same time, Trump maintains a narrow lead of 0.3% in the Real Clear Politics polling average.


Most political experts will tell you that in order to win the presidency, you will need Ohio most.

The Columbus Dispatch points out the significance of Ohio’s voters:

“No Republican has won the presidency without carrying Ohio since Abraham Lincoln was elected in 1860. And only two Democrats in the last century (Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1944 and John F. Kennedy in 1960) won the presidency while losing Ohio.”

Trump may find some trouble in Ohio if Governor John Kasich fails to endorse him. Kasich took a majority of delegates from his home state during the GOP primary. He also didn’t attend the GOP’s convention in Cleveland this summer.

At the moment, Ohio is a very tight race, with Clinton up on Trump by just under a percentage point in the Real Clear Politics average of polls.


Much like in Ohio, Trump has done well in Pennsylvania, in part because he attempted to appeal to white voters worried about jobs. That’s a key issue when you’re trying to woo the Rustbelt.

However, Pennsylvania going red will be a challenge. The Keystone state hasn’t voted for a Republican since 1988, and Clinton currently leads Trump by five percentage points in the Real Clear Politics average of Pennsylvania polls.

North Carolina

The Times notes that the right-leaning state of North Carolina may be at risk of going purple or blue:

“Trump allies have grown concerned about North Carolina, a Republican-leaning state that has large communities of black voters and college-educated whites — two audiences with which Mr. Trump is deeply unpopular.”

Polling for each of the candidates needs to settle after convention mania (when candidates generally see a boost), before the election battleground picture becomes clearer.

But for the Trump campaign, it’s do or die based on these four states.

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